Amyuni PDF Converter Benchmark Tested for True PDF Performance

Mar 22

The results are in, and Amyuni comes in on top. For true PDF performance, the highly accurate and reliable Amyuni PDF Converter is the most efficient in its class.

Start developing with the fastest PDF conversion on the market, designed to perform in multithreaded and 64-bit Windows environments.

Benchmark Test Specifications (conversion settings common to all products):

  • All fonts partially embedded except for standard fonts
  • Jpeg compression of color images
  • CCITT compression of Black and white images

Amyuni PDFConverter 4.50

Avg. Seconds: 15 sec

Avg. Size: 1955 kb

Nuance PDF Converter Pro 7

Avg. Seconds: 23 sec

Avg. Size: 1878 kb

CutePDF Writer (uses GPL GhostScript 8.15)

Avg. Seconds: 32 sec

Avg. Size: 2666 kb

Adobe PDF (Adobe Acrobat X)

Avg. Seconds: 44 sec

Avg. Size: 2041 kb


Operating System – Win7 64 bit

File Format – Office 2010 Word.docx, 500 pages


64 bit, 1GB RAM, 2.80 GHz CPU

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Note: The results of this test may vary depending on different system configurations.

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