Amyuni Tools Certified for Windows Server 2008

Apr 13

Windows Server 2008

The Amyuni Developer Tools are now Certified for Windows Server 2008.

License holders can login to update/upgrade to v4.0


Dany Amiouny is the CTO for Amyuni Technologies

Analyze PDF Structures with PDF Analyzer

Apr 08

PDF Analyzer is a standalone application designed to examine the structure and contents of PDF documents with precise detail. This level of scrutiny means greater control over the inner workings of PDF documents and ultimately–greater control over how documents are processed and optimized.

In addition to document analysis, you can also use PDF Analyzer to compare documents, verify sensitive metadata, and extract confidential information. PDF Analyzer ensures that documents are well-structured, accurate, and optimized.

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Franc Gagnon is the Technical Writer for Amyuni Technologies

Version 4.0 of PDF Developer Pro Toolkits for .NET and ActiveX

Apr 06

Version 4.0 of the Amyuni Developer Tools is now available. The following are just some of the new features:

PDF Suite:

  • Support for a wider range of PDF files such as the PDF 1.7 format and the compressed XRef table format.
  • The addition and extraction of attachments to and from PDF files.
  • Exporting capabilities of PDF files into XAML in order to view from a Web page with Silverlight controls.
  • Updated PDF/A engine ensures Acrobat 9 compatibility.

PDF Converter:

  • Certification for Windows 2008, Windows 7 compatible.
  • Generation of layered PDF files for CAD and other applications.
  • The generation of industry standard PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3 PDF files.
  • SMTP email authentication capabilities.

PDF Creator:

  • The loading, creation, and display of layered PDF files.
  • CJK file support, with the ability to specify the location of custom character maps (CMAPs.)
  • Text anti-aliasing for better on-screen document legibility (requires font installation on client PC).
  • Internal PDF file structure access through comprehensive class architecture.

All three versions are available for download along with free technical support throughout the trial period.



Dany Amiouny is the CTO for Amyuni Technologies